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Batalla de Cinóscefalos

Rome Total Realism: "Battle of Cynoscephalae 197 BC" (Hardcore)



Flamininus had about 25,500 men, thus subdivided: 20,000 legionary infantry, 2,000 light infantry, 2,500 cavalry and 20 war elephants; further it included soldiers from the allied Aetolian League, light infantry from Athamania, and mercenary archers from Crete.
 22,000 infantry, 8,000 light infantry, 2,500 cavalry, and 20 war elephants 32,500 men total[1]


Philip had about 27,000 men of which 16,000 were phalangites, 4,000 light infantry, 5,000 mercenaries and allies from Crete, Illyria, Thrace, plus 2,000 cavalry. The Thessalian cavalry was led by Heracleides of Gyrton, the Macedonian cavalry by Leon. The mercenaries (except the Thracians) were commanded by Athenagoras and the second infantry corps by Nicanor the Elephant.

 16,000 phalangites, 2,000 light infantry, 5,500 mercenaries and allies, and 2,000 cavalry, 25,500 total [1]*.html#7*.html#7


Flamininus, at Cynoscephalae deployed had four legions, two Roman and two allied, up to a total of 22,000 men, in addition to 4,000 infantrymen and 2,000 heavy Peltast of the Aetolian League. The light infantry had 1,200 men plus 800 mercenaries from Crete. The cavalry was composed of 2,400 men toghether with 20 war elephants. On the opposite side of the battlefield, Philip deployed an army of 25,500 men; composed of a 16,000 heavy phalangitic infantry, 1,500 mercenaries and 4,000 Peltast; the light infantry had about 2,000 soldiers. The Knights were only 2,000 between Macedonians and Thessalians. 

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