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El sarcófago de Alejandro


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DOC]An Ancient Coalition: The Composition of Alexander the Great's Army

de M Greenbaum - ‎Artículos relacionados
While the number of forces Alexander had with him on campaign is open for debate and often questioned, careful study of the numbers compiled throughout the primary sources and the mention of which units were sent where and when reinforcements arrived allows us to compile some thoughts about which units were ...

The Legacy of Alexander: Politics, Warfare, and Propaganda Under the ...

https://books.google.es/books?isbn=0198153066 - Traducir esta página
A. B. Bosworth - 2002 - ‎History
Other groups of reinforcements arrived in the course of the summer and autumn of 333. According to Curtius (3.1.24) Alexander received new drafts at the time when he moved east from Ancyra into Cappadocia, the first stage of his march to occupy Cilicia. It is possible that this is a doublet of Arrian's report of the arrival of ...

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